Getting ready for the new Education Inspection Framework (2019)

The new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) is due to be introduced in September 2019.

Planning an effective curriculum

We have seen within the draft Education Inspection Framework that the curriculum will be a key focus within the new Education Inspection Framework and particularly the judgement around quality of education.

Curriculum Intent – what you intend to deliver. Your rationale for your intended curriculum will be challenged. The sequence in which you deliver that curriculum to ensure that you deliver learning in a way which ensures the identification of Powerful Knowledge (key topics which are the foundations of the topic and effective learning) and a sound sequencing of learning to build and develop deep learning will all be under scrutiny in the new framework.

Curriculum Implementation – the quality of each and every learning session will be key to ensure that your curriculum delivers deep learning which clearly develops new knowledge, skills and behaviours to ensure that learners are prepared well for their next steps.

Planning for effective learning – at the heart of good teaching, learning and assessment is effective planning for learning. The decisions that professional teachers make when planning their curriculum have a direct result on the quality of education experienced by learners. In the new framework, I believe that this will be key. Do your practitioners know how to plan for effective learning? Do they know and understand how to ensure that the lessons they deliver cover not just essential content, but also develop the learners individual skills as a learner, a potential employer and citizen of modern Britain?

Over many years of training and supporting teachers and trainers to develop their practice, I have seen a clear distinction between those practitioners who plan to get through content and those that plan to deliver good quality learning. One often produces surface learning and the other seeks to enhance learning and deliver deep learning opportunities. To meet the requirements of the new framework practitioners will need the knowledge and skills to plan to enhance learning rather than get through stuff.

Full day workshop – Getting ready for the Education Inspection Framework 2019. Revisiting effective curriculum planning. How to plan to enhance learning rather than get through content.

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